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There are too many regulations in place that make it hard for small businesses to survive and compete. Many of these regulations are favored by large corporations who can afford to abide by them while limiting new competition from small businesses. This has to stop. Legislation granting regulatory power to the executive branch needs to be very narrow with an expiration date when it needs to be renewed. It is time for the regulatory blank checks issues by congress to end.


The federal Government should not be in the business of dictating education requirements to states. As we have seen over the last few administrations, this will continue to change with the political party of the Administration. I would support the Bill Introduced by U.S. Representative Massie to eliminate the Department of Education. Education needs to be driven on the local level where parents have a direct say with their local school boards, it is the parents’ responsibility to see to the education of their children, not the government’s.


If there is one thing COVID has taught us, it is that America’s large scale food supply is vulnerable to interruption in labor at the biggest processors. We need to limit or exposure to this by instituting the PRIME Act that would allow our small farmers and livestock raisers to sell directly to consumers without going through a federally inspected plant. America’s national security and quality of life depend upon it. We need to ensure Free and fair trade based on a free-market system is maintained and that American exports are allowed into new markets. American products should not be at a competitive disadvantage due to foreign subsidies. We need to continue to eliminate regulations and lower taxes. We need to ensure that farms are allowed to be transferred to the next generation of farmers without a tax hit that puts the farm in danger.


Income and Property Taxes are collected by the Government by threat of force, therefore they run contrary to the Non-Aggression Principle. Americans should keep more of the compensation for their labor. I would prefer to see a National Sales tax for non-food items over income taxes and gasoline taxes used to pay for roads and bridges. We need to limit federal spending to what is required by the constitution, ensure a balanced budget and stop borrowing against our children’s future.


The United States had a responsibility to create stability in the countries we destabilized with regime change. Enough time as passed to create that stability. After over 2 decades in Afghanistan and almost 18 years In Iraq, it is time to bring our troops home and end our contingency operations overseas. We need to close that open check book that is the contingency operations budget.


At a time were the US Budget routinely tops a Trillion dollars a year, we can not afford to continue spending on foreign aid. We should continue our UN funding in order to protect our seat on the UN Security Council and our Veto Authority however we should halt cash foreign aid and limit foreign aid to food aide and technical expertise.


The 2nd Amendment allows us the right to bear arms without infringement. It is what keeps us safe from criminals, and what keeps our Government honest. The second amendment was not added to allow us to hunt but to defend ourselves, our property, our rights and our country.


22. That is the number of Veterans that commit suicide every day. 22 of my brothers and sisters, DAILY. That is over 8,000 a year. This has been going on since 1999. 22 a day since 1999. I am for small government, but I am also for fulfilling our obligations, and right now we are not meeting our obligations to our Veterans. We need to invest in veteran support groups, we need to ensure that vets can get help without worrying about activating red flag laws. We need to ensure that funding for supporting our vets go to supporting them and not administrative costs or meeting regulatory requirements. 22 a day is 22 a day too many. I would suggest a drastic overhaul of the way the VA provides care. In my proposal every Soldier leaving active duty would receive a form of Tricare for life (tricare is the military version of medical insurance). That coverage would include all mental health coverage without a copay and coverage for any injury or illness documented in their medical records with a reasonable co-pay. Injuries and illnesses would be verified at separation and forwarded to Tricare to start the coverage. Veterans would be able to choose any network provider. This is regardless of if the VA has approved a disability claim. This would be paid for by reallocating the Medicare deduction of active-duty Soldiers to this fund and the elimination of the contingency operation budget along with cost savings from eliminating VA hospitals and the sales of those properties. In theory this would also reduce the number of VA disability claims.

Property Rights

Your property should be your property with severe limitations to what the Government can do to control how you use your property as long as you are not harming another. I am completely against civil asset forfeiture as well as Eminent domain, especially when it is used for the benefit of private companies. I would push for legislation to restrict eminent domain’s public use clause to specify public infrastructure only.


America was formed by immigrants and we celebrate that we are the melting pot of the world. That said, immigrants should come to the United States legally but should not have to meet unreasonable standards to be allowed in. With a reduction of federal programs, there would not be an incentive to come to the United States except to work for a better life and that should be encouraged. For those who are already in the country, I would recommend a path towards legalization.

End the Drug War and Decriminalize Marijuana

The drug war has disproportionately filled our prisons with people of color and takes a lot of money, both to fight the drug war and to maintain our prison system for those held for victimless crimes. We need to remove the stigma from Marijuana and treat it similarly to the way alcohol is treated. Those with possession charges should have their records cleared so that they can return to society. The growing of cannabis for home use should be allowed.


Discrimination in any form is abhorrent and against the principles that this country was founded on. The Government should have no policy that discriminates against anyone for any reason.

National Defense

The United States needs a strong defense policy and it is a responsibility of the federal government to provide for it. That said I prefer the Teddy Roosevelt policy of speaking softly and carrying a big stick. We should not be the world's policemen. We need to limit our troops overseas and put that onus back on those countries to provide for their own defense. Any foriegn military action should be cleared through congress unless there is an immediate threat. We need to remember that any time we put our military in combat, the expense for that action lasts long after combat has ended and our obligation to those troops will continue as long as they live. Loyalty deserves Loyalty.



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